Interpreting the Voice of Website Visitors – Website Visitor Surveys

Interpreting the Voice of Website Visitors

Web Analytics reports are used to interpret anything and everything about visitors – why do they visit the website, what did they like, when are they likely to purchase, will they return again, etc. In pursuit of this quest, businesses forget to deploy an age old traditional technique – directly asking the website visitors their intent & visit experience.

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Advance Conversion Rate & Cost Optimization using AdWords Search Funnel report

Advance Conversion Rate

You probably have heard of analyzing funnel fall-outs in the website purchase process – analyzing this helps us optimize for better conversions. However there is a lesser known technique called Search Funnel Analysis – where we look at visitor falling off an impressions (not clicking) or not converting after a click (Visits but does not purchase, may or may not have entered the purchase funnel).

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Tracking Google Sponsored Promotion Campaigns in Google Analytics

Tracking GSP Engagement

The great selling proposition of Google Analytics is the capability to know everything about a Visit / Visitor on your website, especially when the visit origin is from within the google domain. However with the introduction of ad formats like the Engagement or Flash Ads, it is not possible to track visitor site metrics in Google Analytics – even when the visitor is from within the Google network. How does one go about tracking Google Sponsored Promotion campaigns in Google Analytics?

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Digital vs Traditional – Media Spend Patterns in India

Digital vs Traditional Media Spend Trends from 2009 to 2014

Indian media spend was usually  largely split into two – Print & TV hogging the lion’s share of the market with the bottom feeders like OOH, Radio & Cinema competing for the left overs. Howveer the new star in the horizon is , as you guessed it, the digital medium.

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Perceptions of online data protection & individual privacy in India

Perceptions on online data & user privacy in India

With the growth of internet access driven by cheaper connectivity across geographies and affordable but powerful mobile devices, the # of web users in India are rising by the millions each month. Popular activities online include emails, chats, social media interactions and online purchases from ecommerce stores.

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Validating Google Analytics Audience data for accuracy

Validating Google Analytics Audience data for accuracy - TribeNautix

Very often Marketers use Google Analytics for profiling their audience better – Age, Gender, Location, Affinities, Device, etc. Many a times these are used for marketing campaigns, when creating online media plans. However in the practical world we need to deal with data issues – cookies, multiple browsers in a single device, device sharing and page tag losses. These are likely to introduce errors in audience profiles.

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Competitor Intelligence Report on Online Vernacular News Media (Tamil)

Tamil Online Newspaper Competitor Intelligence Report - TribeNautix

When it comes to comparing your website metrics with competitors, typically website ranks by geography, Industry vertical and sometimes overall aggregate traffic are the measures used. However many sophisticated tools are available to go much deeper – some commonly used data sets are

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