Digital Strategy Consulting


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Hire TribeNautix as your Digital Strategy Consultant


What is covered?

1. Paid Marketing Plan (Search, Display, Video, Engagement, Emails, Affiliates)
2. Improve Non Paid Channels Quality & Monetization (Direct, Organic, Social, Referrals)
3. Website Design & Content Strategy
4. Desktop, M Site & Mobile App
5. Provide oversight for Agencies, Partners, Affiliates & Technology teams
6. Business Dimensions: Sales, Margins, Customers, Brand, Competitors, Analytics & Technology

What would be the scope?

a. Build & scale Performance based campaigns
b. Work with CXOs from Strategy to Execution – for Revenue, Margin, Customer & Brand targets
c. Data driven digital insights for strategic & tactical decision making
d. Dedicated time each month for your business needs
e. Scope permitting, can manage entire digital program

What is required from you?

a. One year Business plan
b. Agreement with CXO stakeholders on strategic & tactical objectives
c. Map TribeNautix into your CXO organization, as decision maker
d. Access to all digital data & CXO meetings

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Points to note:

Prices may vary, depending on business complexity & data volume
It is assumed that all required data is readily available
Technical work, when recommended, will be implemented by your internal teams


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