Frequently Asked Questions

Since majority of TribeNautix services are delivered primarily as a report, customers from any country can purchase our product offerings.

Credit Card, Online Banking and Debit Card are the primaryc payment methods. You can also mail a cheque or make an electronic fund transfer.

Order Confirmation is instantaneous and service delivery details for your Order will be confirmed within two business days.


An order can be cancelled within one business day of placing the order - for 100% refund. Cancellation after one day of placement but prior to service start date will incur a 5% processing charge. Orders cannot be cancelled once the Services have commenced.

The services are consultative & advisory in nature. A detailed report will be delivered for every client engagement. Apart from this, depending on the engagement, Phone & In-Person Meetings are also set-
up to help client teams review progress and calibrate plans.

A. Any confidential information shared off-line (via email / phone / documents) will be protected under a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement with your organization.

B. Confidential / Sensitive information accessible online would be protected as below

- The data would still reside in your domain & under your control

- TribeNautix will be provided access credentials to the extent necessary - for completing the assignment.

- At the end of the assignment, TribeNautix will inform you of assignment completion. The access credentials can be revoked, ensuring there is no further access to your business data.

- Any information collected from your online systems will be used only for your specific assignment. The information will be destroyed after assignment completion.

- Entire activity log of TribeNautix accessing your systems can be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis - by you.

- You online data accessed by Tribenautix will be protected under a standard Non-Disclosure agreement with your organization.