TribeNautix business deliverables are not comparable to digital marketing agencies – the core skills are data driven digital strategy and implementation for profitable outcomes across Revenues, Margins, Customer Retention and Brand Share.

TribeNautix offers services in the following digital business areas

Marketing & Sales

Digital Diagnostics & Optimization

Digital Strategy


How does this work (must read – if you plan to contact us)

1. Our engagement deliverable is a strategy & execution document for a stated business outcome within a particular timeframe.

2. You should treat this document as your Plan A – among the multiple business options available to achieve your goals.

3. While the deliverable is a document, TribeNautix (and Hari) will be involved in the execution phases – specifically for milestone reviews and    for critical decision making.

4. The entire approach is data-driven – based on a series of interviews, questionnaires and in-person workshops with your senior managers / CXOs – apart from access to all relevant business and analytics information.

5. TribeNautix assignments are comprehensive and exhaustive – with focus on both qualitative and quantitative analysis + insights.

6. The option to hire TribeNautix (and Hari) as a Consultant is also available – to ensure involvement and oversight in executing the digital strategies – on a daily basis.